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TIMER 12Vdc Display 7Seg 3Digit Relay



  • Voltaje alimentacion: DC12V (normal operating voltage DC10V-16V)
  • Voltaje disparo: DC4V ~ 20V (positive trigger common power button, PLC signals, etc.)
  • Salida Relay: You can control the DC or AC 220v5A within 30v5A within
  • Consumo corriente: 50mA
  • Temperatura trabajo: -40 ~ 85’C
  • Dimensiones: 64.2mm * 34.8mm * 18.5mm

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Modo Control Timer:

S1: power on, press S1 2 seconds to enter mode selection menu, press S1, choose P-1 ~ P-4 mode.

S2: OK / Shift key: Press to adjust the position of the LED is blinking, which LED is blinking, S3 to adjust the value of digital tube flicker. Until you press S2, the digital is no longer flashing.

S3: digital display flashes, S3 adjustment digits from 0-9 successively changed. Normal digital tube display, S3 to adjust the position of the decimal point, the decimal point in bits 0-999 minutes; in 10 bit from 0 to 99.9 seconds; no decimal point indicates 0-999 seconds.

Modo Funcionamiento:

P-1: triggering signal is received, the relay is turned on, the timer expires, the relay off.

  • A1: During the delay trigger again invalid
  • A2: During re-timing delay trigger again
  • A3: Delay trigger again during termination timing relay reset

P-2: triggering signal is received, X start time, the end of counting relay, Y start time, the end of counting the relay off

P-3: Cycle Switch Mode

  • A1: After power relay is turned on, the end of the timing off, an infinite loop.
  • A2: After power relay is off, the timing turned end, an infinite loop.


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Peso 0.2 kg
Dimensiones 6.4 × 3.5 × 1.5 cm


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